Connect with Nature 箏樂自然

This album celebrates the organic design of guzheng, as a metaphor for Nature in both its dynamic and static states. Collaborating with composers from the US, Japan and Taiwan, guzheng artist Jay Lai presents a music striking for its freshness and simplicity.

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Transformation 變

The development of music is like the continuity of life—it has within it the genes of heredity but propagates individual subjects with individual characteristics. From a re-imagination of a familiar folk tune, the prepared guzheng that changes the timbre of the instrument, to the combination of guzheng and computer music, Jay Lai showcases the innovation and diversity of contemporary Taiwanese guzheng music. 


Ukulele Aloha

Ukulele Aloha is a series of ukulele method books designed to build students’ ukulele skills and musicianship with step-by-step guidance. Skills building includes chord strumming, fingerpicking styles, music theory, solfege singing, and score reading. The goal is to help students to become well-rounded musicians.

Book 1, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4, 5