Ukulele Creativity
Ukulele Creativity is a progressive program designed to help you enhance ukulele skills and execute musical creativity with step-by-step guidance. By focusing on your choice of a theme song, Dr. Lai aims at creating a personalized learning experience that helps you boost and refine your ukulele performance in a short period. 

Ages: 6-100
Time (Pacific Time):
  • Beginner Class: Sundays 2-3pm
  • Intermediate Class: Saturday 2:30-3:30pm
Class Length: 8 weeks
Group Class Package: $280 ($340 value + $25 Registration Fee waived)
  • Live Classes: 1 hour, 8 weeks ($280 value)
  • Video Course: Music Essentials ($45 value)
  • Ebook + MP3 ($15 value)
  • Your Theme Song (*Bonus)
  • Exclusive Facebook Community (*Bonus)
Class Size: 4 people
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"I have been learning ukulele from Jay since February 2019. Jay’s superb skills in teaching and exceptional patience have transformed me from an absolute ukulele beginner to someone who can play many popular, classic, and contemporary songs with confidence. Jay’s heuristic teaching style allows me to learn not only the music theory behind ukulele chords but also various playing patterns such as strumming or fingerpicking. With as little as 1 hour of the lesson each week, I got to learn new things from Jay, have fun with classmates, and always have something to show and impress my other friends after class. I highly recommend Jay for any level of ukulele learners!"

— Charles, Bay Area resident, software engineer, and founder of South Bay Taiwanese People Meetup.
"I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Jay who has taught me ukulele. She has been helping me progress my skills to the next level. Now my playing has improved in terms of quality of sound and self-confidence. 

Keep up the good work, Jay!"

— Ping, Bay Area resident, CA

"When I first met Jay and had the opportunity to hear her play the guzheng in concert. I enjoyed it very much. I asked her to teach me to play guzheng and piano.
Unfortunately, I suffered a stroke that paralyzed my left limbs. After which Jay suggested I practice playing the ukulele and piano. She very patiently helps with my handicap and encourages me to practice. The practice with ukulele and piano has helped recover the mobility of my left arm and hand. 
I am looking forward to joining her online ukulele class."

— Virginia, Former President of Hakka Association, Hawaii.

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